David Brandt-Erichsen - brief resume

David in 2008

Photo on our wedding invitations, 1990.

Expert trampolinist
Best score: 8.6 out of 10
(not exactly Olympic material)

David after leading a hike in
Utah’s canyonlands in 1998:

Retired, age 73, married, residing in Tucson, Arizona

Vocational background:

Research Assistant in Molecular Genetics
Oregon State University

Senior Research Technologist
Hormone Research Laboratory
Kaiser Foundation Hospital

Avocational background:

Natural Arch and Bridge Society
Webmaster, www.naturalarches.org
Newsletter editor for 7 years
On Board of Directors for 15 years

National Space Society / L5 Society
Officer and/or Board Member for over 30 years
Currently on NSS Volunteer Website Team
and Board of Directors
Webmaster, Space Settlement Nexus
Webmaster, NSS Library
Editor, NSS Blog

Southern Arizona Hiking Club
Former volunteer guide for several years,
specializing in trips to the canyon country of southern Utah

Alcor Life Extension Foundation
Signed up for cryopreservation since 1987
Secretary and Trustee of the Alcor Patient Care Trust
Co-Webmaster since 2003, www.alcor.org

Arizona End-of-Life Options
Board Member of this and precursor organizations for over 15 years
Webmaster, azendoflifeoptions.org
(As a direct descendent of Lucretia Mott, freedom-fighting is in my genes)

Elverhøj Museum
Webmaster, Elverhøj Museum
The home I grew up in is now a museum in Solvang, California

Some book reviews by David Brandt-Erichsen:

My Personal Heroes:

Freedom Fighters:


  • Bertrand Russell - Wikipedia - Favorite Quote: Concluding paragraph of A History of Western Philosophy (1945): “In the welter of conflicting fanaticisms, one of the few unifying forces is scientific truthfulness, by which I mean the habit of basing our beliefs upon observations and inferences as impersonal, and as much divested of local and temperamental bias, as is possible for human beings. To have insisted upon the introduction of this virtue into philosophy, and to have invented a powerful method by which it can be rendered fruitful, are the chief merits of the philosophical school of which I am a member. The habit of careful veracity acquired in the practice of this philosophical method can be extended to the whole sphere of human activity, producing, wherever it exists, a lessening of fanaticism with an increasing capacity of sympathy and mutual understanding. In abandoning a part of its dogmatic pretensions, philosophy does not cease to suggest and inspire a way of life.”

Space Pioneers:

Favorite Quote:

  • “The Universe or nothing. Which shall it be?” — H. G. Wells, Things to Come, 1936